Custom Content
Bringing the best practices of tech editorial to the cutting-edge of digital marketing
Through our Strategic Marketing Services Group, clients can now tap IDG’s unrivalled capabilities to create world-class tech content designed and delivered to perform. With over 25 solutions to choose from, our services span video, written content, design work and development to provide complete end-to-end custom content programmes.
State-of-the-art video solutions to capture and engage technology audiences
Helping clients master the art of written content to deliver compelling and effective content programmes
Eye-catching design solutions that drive awareness, preference and social sharing
Innovative digital publishing techniques are applied to create effective client website and app experiences
Building networks of engaged customers through the expert creation of sustainable digital communities




The largest pool of tech journalists

IDG UK has access to the largest pool of tech journalists in the country. These experts are recruited to deliver compelling, industry-leading content on your behalf.

The most comprehensive suite of multi-format solutions

The UK’s leading technology media company, IDG UK produces more than 89 information products across every format. This extensive experience in multi-format creation is applied to create the largest suite of multi-platform marketing solutions in the market.

Access to the largest premium technology audience in the UK

With access to over 15 million technology buyers and consumers each month, we have developed unparalleled understanding of how you can employ content to reach and engage with customers. This reach is also applied to develop effective audience development programmes to ensure your content gets noticed.

The primary source of tech content solutions

In the past year, our dedicated Strategic Marketing Services Group delivered over 2,000 client assets for many of the UK’s leading technology clients including Samsung, Dell, HP, Oracle and more making us the primary third-party source of premier tech content services.