Helping you master the art of written content


The written word continues to remain one of the most powerful marketing tools for educating, informing and influencing tech audiences.

Through our Features service, we help you create and deliver compelling medium to long-form expert content that is designed to inform, educate and engage your audiences as well as deliver the key messages you seek to communicate.
All Feature articles are written by experienced industry veterans and are SEO optimised and crafted to speak and appeal to your clients in a way that only trained journalists can.
Ideal for thought-leadership, demand generation or audience engagement campaigns.


Blogs are now one of the most popular formats of content read by tech audiences. They are where your customers go to seek the personal opinions and advice of experts in their field. Conversational and poignant, they can generate discussions, change opinions or even de-mystify technology.
We will employ IDG UK editors or leading tech bloggers on your behalf to craft and deliver engaging, authoritative blog content that will influence your audience in a way no other medium can.
Ideal for driving thought-leadership, audience conversation or sustainable customer advocacy.


Highly reputable, our Briefing Series offers bespoke feature and analysis-led services created in association with the UK’s most prestigious tech media brands and journalists.
Options includes Executive, Management and Tech Briefing formats to provide the most suitable focus for the technology executives you are seeking to target.
Ideal for thought-leadership and demand generation drives.


For brands who want to be viewed by their customers as a helpful and trusted information resource or who have complex new products that need to be demonstrated or explained, tutorials can be an effective vehicle.
As the UK’s leading technology media company, we have been employing tutorials to educate our tech audiences for decades. Our custom Tutorial services – which include product demonstration, upgrade advice or troubleshooting tips – provide an opportunity for you to capitalise on this wealth of experience to create highly targeted written content that will grow and educate your audiences at the same time.
Ideal for launch campaigns, brand awareness and customer goodwill drives.