Asset Creation
Through our asset creation services, IDG UK’s editorial expertise and heritage is applied to create compelling content that will help attract, engage and ultimately convert highly qualified leads into active purchasers. To deliver a multi-format user experience, these lead asset services span written, video and infographic formats.

Our solutions

Videos captivate technology audiences in way few other mediums can. With high-engagement rates, they are effective vehicles for showcasing organisations, services or brands and can complement any lead generation programme to deliver a truly multi-touch experience. At the cutting-edge of video production, IDG UK has developed a wide range of video solutions to match your programme requirements.

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Design Work
Perfect for conveying complex information or insights quickly, effectively and in a way that will both entertain and inform, infographics are an essential tool in every tech marketers armoury. At IDG UK we use the very best editorial and design production skills to bring whitepapers or assets to life within beautifully designed web pages that tell your brand’s story in a new way.

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IDG has been providing premium editorial services for 50 years. We know what information technology audiences demand, and we know how to choose the most appropriate content format to drive response. This expertise has been applied to create three types of content formats that have been proven to drive deeper engagement and interest during lead programmes:

Executive Briefings: thought-leadership reports focused on helping senior IT or Line-of-Business executives drive business value through technology.

Management Briefings: for mid to senior level IT professionals, management briefings provide vital direction and advice on dealing with the organisational challenges around technology implementations.

Tech Briefings: a guide to integrating and managing specific technology within an organisation for hands-on IT professionals.

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