Community Building
Anyone can create a community hub but it's the building of a network of engaged, relevant customers who are willing to share and participate that takes true expertise. Having built and maintained leading online forums, LinkedIn groups, Twitter groups and Facebook communities for many years, IDG UK is uniquely placed to help you achieve this. We combine opinionated editorial, expert moderation and audience acquisition techniques to make IDG UK’s existing communities work for you, or build new active communities on your behalf.

Our solutions

Community Works
Our complete content marketing solution, Community Works, uses IDG UK’s editorial, development, social media and search engine marketing teams to produce bespoke content-driven websites that provide an essential platform for sustainable community development. Employing the building blocks of great editorial websites – blogs, tutorials, whitepapers, videos and infographics – we draw on our Editors' expertise to create appealing, highly targeted content hosted on a dedicated website owned by you. A dedicated Editor then engages actively with your target audiences and drives site membership and awareness by building bespoke Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook communities. This unique approach both delivers an independent focal hub for the community and drives true social media impact and measurability through integrated social engagement strategies.

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Social Resource Centres
Hosted and integrated in the native editorial environment of our market-leading sites, Social Resource Centres are microsite experiences designed specifically to drive social impact and involvement. Proven custom content strategies are interwoven with audience development and social media outreach programmes to create and sustain community interaction and sharing. Benefiting from the expertise of IDG UK’s editorial teams and our extensive understanding of the business needs of our IT audiences, we help you to align your brand with the social conversations and dialogue of your customers.

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End-to-end community solutions

IDG UK’s background in technology publishing means we fully understand what it takes to build a tech community website. We understand how to create the right blend of content, marketing and social impact to grow and maintain a following – both on websites, and on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Effective message delivery

By combining independent, editorial custom content that’s influenced by your brand and social amplification we are able to subtly deliver your message to the target audience without overpowering them with marketing.

Engaging content experiences

Our Editors have a wealth of experience in producing content that fulfils the information demands of the full range of technology buyers from tech-savvy consumers to enterprise IT decision makers. IDG UK puts these skills to use for you, using our editorial expertise to create compelling content that drives conversations and encourages community participation.

Experted moderation

Technology communities can include many influential voices, but moderation is required to ensure each community has a direction. IDG UK’s expert moderators know how to help develop the right conversations, and encourage community members to focus on the topics that best fit your marketing objectives.