Content Assessment
Optimisation of lead asset performance
Content is the vital ingredient in every successful lead programme. Yet the latest industry research shows that 80% of IT decision-makers and buyers still find it challenging to locate the high-quality, trusted information they seek to make informed purchase decisions.

IDG Market Fusion is designed to ensure marketers are devising, implementing and delivering the most effective content strategies that will drive sales and improve lead performance. The solution assesses your current asset portfolio, mapping it and scoring it against campaign objectives and target group deliverables to provide objective, concise recommendations on how to create the best content programmes in the market.

Our solutions

IDG UK Market Fusion – Deep-dive
Ideal for organisations with extensive multi-tiered lead programmes, this full MarketFusion service includes all the services listed below and is applied against a portfolio of a minimum of 20 client digital assets to provide a deep-dive view of your content programme.
IDG UK Market Fusion – Fast Track
For those that seek a faster, more topline view of their content programme, our Fast Track service gives a focused assessment of 6-19 digital marketing assets and includes all the Market Fusion services listed below.

How it works

Conducted by an independent industry analyst, Market Fusion helps you to to tap into IDG’s extensive expertise in engaging technology audiences through content methodologies to deliver improved relevancy, appeal and effectiveness of your assets. All MarketFusion services include:

Asset Auditing

Professional consultation services to identify the most appropriate assets from your portfolio to review and an extensive audit of selected collateral against pre-determined criteria and client audience objectives.

Asset Scoring

Application of our unique Market Fusion scoring methodology to identify the effectiveness of the collateral in meeting objectives and in-market buyer expectations.


Recommended application of each asset, mapped out in relation to the specific stages in the buying process and against the identified target audiences.

Recommendation Reporting

An in-depth report that critiques each asset with bulleted recommendations related to modifications, additions and adjustments needed to your content portfolio.

Why Market Fusion

Greater precision-targeting of content

A vital tool for helping align content with buyer requirements, Market Fusion will provide you with the guidance on the best format, timing and content approach to meet the needs of your prospects as they progress step-by-step through the buying funnel.

Improved reader engagement

Applying our expertise in content creation, we will help drive enhanced customer engagement by working with you to identify the best tone, subject matter and content focus to meet your objectives.

Integrated programme planning

Our holistic viewpoint of your asset portfolio will also ensure that all elements work together to delivery a fully-integrated and optimised lead programme

Greater qualified leads

The result – the assurance and insight you need to enhance campaign performance and increase sales lead performance.