Data driven services

Audience Extension

Advanced targeting to drive heightened ad relevance and purchase propensity

IDG UK’s Technology Audience Platform (TAP) uses cutting-edge data-management technology to build desired audience segments that meet specific programme goals.
Segments are created based on the user's relevant content consumption along with frequency and recency models to deliver heightened relevancy and purchase propensity when targeting ad creatives.
Through TAP these audiences can then be targeted across IDG UK sites and IDG TechNetwork properties, as well as the wider web to deliver precision-targeting on scale.
View our video to find out why audience segmentation can enhance your campaign performance and brand recall.


Data-driven solutions for optimising brand conversion and recall

As the UK’s leading technology media company we have access to the largest tech audience of its kind in the UK. This enables us to provide you with retargeting of desired audiences on scale.
Whether it is prospect customers who have visited your sites, in-market buyers from IDG UK’s premium brands or IDG UK TechNetwork, we can help you reiterate marketing messages to drive brand recall or deliver heightened drives to purchase.
View our quick video to see how this works in real-life.

Audience Segmentation

Advanced precision-targeting of tech audiences on scale

For clients who have a specific buyer profile in mind and want guarantees that these buyers are being reached, we use advanced targeting techniques that employ first and third-party data analysis to build and target specific audiences to meet your exact requirements.
See our graph on the different ways we can precision-target your audiences.