Design Work
Drive awareness, preference, and social influence with visually engaging content that's built for sharing
Great designs when combined with great content can inspire, enthral and influence audiences on multiple levels. At IDG UK we apply our extensive digital design skills and content expertise to bring your message to life through eye-catching stunning visual effects that speak louder than words.

Our design solutions

Data Visualisation
We turn data-heavy, complex documents into visually engaging and easy-to-digest audience experiences.

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Research Studies
Advanced infographics are applied to deliver key findings and research highlights with clarity, precision and relevance.

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Timeline representations are used to showcase brand or organisational achievements in a way no other channel can.

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Product Promotions
In-depth understanding of technology audience buying needs are combined with powerful visuals to bring to life products or services.

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Eye-catching animation techniques are used to capture customer imagination and build brand stories.

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Why IDG UK for your design work

Compelling content creation

IDG has been providing premium editorial services for 50 years. We know what information technology audiences demand, and we know how to choose the most appropriate content format for specific messages. By combining our editorial experience with our marketing design expertise we are able to produce design assets that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Design that puts the audience first

IDG UK’s creative team has a rich history in producing stunning designs to accompany our reader-facing magazines and websites. We know how to put together design assets that are informative, entertaining and appealing to social audiences. Using IDG UK’s Custom Solutions Group, we can put these skills to use for the benefit of your brand.

Bringing design to life

No matter what type of content we’re working with, we can produce marketing assets that use the best practices of tech editorial production. Using these skills we can bring whitepapers to life, produce beautifully designed web pages that help encourage feedback on blogs, and develop infographics that tell your brand’s story in an engaging way.

Experts in audience development

Great-looking design is wasted unless the audience is there to see it. IDG is an expert in building traffic, and making sure the right audience sees the right messages. Using our audience development services we can make sure your design assets reach the audience it was intended for.