Lead Nurturing
Effective lead nurturing can deliver dramatic improvements in marketing productivity and customer engagement. To help you achieve this, IDG has developed Ignite, a new multi-touch lead nurturing service that uses our advanced audience platform and multiple touchpoint capabilities to identify and deliver enhanced lead prospects.

How it works

A five-stage lead process

Ignite is an enhanced programme that combines all the benefits and services provided in our Lead Services programme, but with an advanced multi-touch, multi-engagement approach that both accelerates and improves lead conversion performance.

Content consulting services from the experts in content creation

With each campaign, we apply our unrivalled expertise to identify the most effective portfolio of assets that will capture the buyer’s interest at each stage of the buying process.

A fully-integrated engagement strategy

Based on advanced behaviourial analytics and historic audience profiles, we then create a multi-touch engagement plan and campaign programme that will most effectively nurture prospects.

Programme Optimisation

Programme optimisation is deployed throughout the campaign lifecycle, helping to maintain progression through the funnel and accelerate those leads deeper in the consideration process.

Unique lead scoring system

To identify how ‘sales-ready’ a lead is in the process, we have developed an advanced ‘Lead Scoring’ system that is exclusively integrated into every LeadAccel campaign. This applies a scoring criteria based upon your specific business and product/technology considerations, prospect asset evaluation and identified behavioural activities to provide a unique measurement of where leads are in the relevant process.

Flexible lead reporting services

Highly flexible and responsive, our lead reporting service delivers to any client requirements whether direct server-to-server integration for a marketing automation platform or manually provided in pre-defined templates. After the first lead report (5 days), we will also review the success of the campaign and make actionable adjustments.

Why Ignite?

Enhanced marketing insight

LeadAccel provides the precise knowledge tech marketers need to determine the next stages of communication in sales engagement and to optimise lead conversion success.

Skilled content matching

IDG UK Enterprise delivers the most respected media brands in the IT industry. This has led to us developing an unrivalled expertise in understanding how to reach, engage and develop dialogue through content with the UK’s IT buyers and decision-makers.

Multi-touch engagement opportunities

With the most extensive multi-platform brand portfolio in the IT sector and a monthly reach of over 1 million IT decision-makers and buyers, we can match exactly the right content to the buying cycle stage, level of interest and time needs of in-market IT buyers.

Expert integrated lead programme delivery

For years we have been successfully delivering lead programmes for technology clients. This has led us to develop unrivalled capabilities in integrated lead programmes solutions – capabilities we will apply to your campaign to deliver the results you need.