Lead Services
Utilising our extensive Enterprise IT database and market-leading media brands, IDG UK delivers the highest quality standard or BANT leads via email, online or telemarketing channels. Our three-stage solution, and advanced data targeting techniques, ensures maximum campaign optimisation to deliver high-engaged, active IT buyers.

How it works

Lead Services
Content Consulting

Research shows that creating the right type of content at the right stage of the purchase process is essential to making that relevant connection. We will provide expert guidance in determining which assets in the existing content portfolio will work best to capture audience interest and that effectively align with the right stage in the purchase process.

Lead Reporting

Using advanced online and offline behavioural analytics coupled with historical audience profiling we construct the most relevant outreach marketing campaign to engage leads at the appropriate time and place.

Engagement Planning

Highly flexible and responsive, our lead reporting service delivers to any client requirements whether via a direct server-to-server integration for a marketing automation platform or manually provided in pre-defined templates. After the first lead report (5 days), we will also review the success of the campaign and make actionable adjustments.

Why IDG UK for lead services

The most contextually relevant environments

IDG UK Enterprise delivers the most respected media brands in the IT industry. Spanning every aspect of Enterprise IT, these brands provide the best premium environment and context to your campaign activities.

Unparalleled audience insight

Every month, we engage with over 1 million IT decision-makers and buyers. This means that not only can we can offer unprecedented audience access but we have developed an unrivalled expertise in how to reach, engage and develop dialogue with the UK’s IT buyers and decision-makers.

Highly targeted prospects

We combine this reach and unique insight with the most advanced data-driven techniques to ensure we target, and you engage with, the most relevant and active purchasers in the market.

Integrated lead programme expertise

For years we have been successfully delivering lead programmes for technology clients. This has led us to develop unrivalled capabilities in integrated lead programmes solutions – capabilities we will apply to your campaign to deliver the results you need.