Social media
Amplify your brand message by tapping in to the power of real social conversations
Social media offers a revolutionary platform that complements traditional marketing strategies and encourages real-time, one-to-one conversations with your target audiences. To help you tap in to the power of social, IDG UK Amplify offers a comprehensive suite of social media services and intregrated programmes that will drive positive brand experience and build real communities.

Our Services
Leverages IDG UK’s relationship with leading tech social influencers to help deliver critical messaging across key communities and social networks.
IDG UK’s content expertise for hire, whether you need an expert community manager or a regular flow of blogs, articles, videos or infographics.
Social monitoring, analysis and optimisation services that uses a wide variety of social monitoring and engagement tools to identify brand perception.
Provides clients with a voice within hard-to-access communities. Dedicated bloggers integrate client messaging within key community discussion topics to drive presence and impact.
Our expertise in social networking and audience engagement is applied to build and sustain vibrant group pages within leading social networks including moderation, monitoring and management services.

Why IDG UK Amplify

Expertise across all social media channels

Combining our expertise in tech audiences and content with an unparalleled understanding of social media channels, we are masters at effectively engaging, conversing and influencing tech audiences across all social channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or bespoke tech communities.

Award-winning campaign programmes

We tailor each of our campaigns to meet your exact campaign objectives and craft them to both complement and enhance existing in-house social strategies. With the most sophisticated offering in the market – from social web listening and social performance optimisation services to community threading – it’s the reason why we deliver programmes that are the best in the market.

The most extensive tech blogger network

Tech bloggers are some of the most influential voices in our industry and their far-reaching presence can add both gravitas as well as amplification to your campaign. We have spent years developing the most extensive network of tech bloggers in the market and work with them to develop the right social presence for your programme.

End-to-end social media solutions

The first to market with a packaged social media programme for tech marketers in 2009, we have been building our capabilities in social solutions ever since. Our in-house services range from advisory services to coding, design and video production of assets to provide you with a complete end-to-end solution for your social media needs.