At the cutting-edge of tech video solutions


Combining the visual impact of design with a highly-engaging video format

Campaign Objectives
Delivers a compelling brand story by combining stunning infographic design with state-of-the-art animation techniques
Turns complex messaging into easily digestible and entertaining experiences
Full video services include story-board development and data analysis, infographic creation, production and editing
Ideal for audience engagement, brand awareness or product launch campaigns

Interactive Videos

Combining the power of video with active audience participation

With polling, path-routing and personalised outcome functionality, interactive videos offers a one-to-one video experience like no other
Full video services are provided, including concept creation, scripting, speaker recruitment, production, presentation by an IDG UK Editor or industry expert and audience reach drives
Ideal for audience engagement, thought-leadership and audience insight

Video Interviews

Showcasing Q&A sessions that bring your organisation or brand to life

Video Interviews are designed to showcase the capabilities of your organisation using experts within your business
All videos are presented by renowned IDG UK Editors in either a one-to-one or group interview setting to enable deep discovery of topics and capabilities
Ideal for product launches, brand awareness or thought-leadership drives

User Reviews

Real-life brand advocacy captured on camera

Creates dynamic user reviews tailored to the USPs of your products to offer one of the most trusted sources of buying recommendation within one video experience
User recruitment is focused on tech influencers and those with a large social reach to amplify campaign impact
Full video services include recruitment, location sourcing, interview styling, scripting, hosting, filming, production and editing
Ideal for product launches, brand awareness or customer advocacy drives

Product Demonstrations

Showcases for stand-out products

Perfect showcases for stand-out products, our Product Demonstration solution walks audiences through the key features and the main USPs of your product to highlight what sets it apart from others in the market
This includes a hands-on look at the product – far superior to the standard 2D visual representations found elsewhere
Full video services include scripting, location sourcing, recruitment of presenter, hosting, production and editing
Ideal for product launches and brand awareness drives


Go-to video resources for tech consumers

Campaign Objectives
Helpful, informative and entertaining, Tutorial videos provide essential advice and how-to guidance for consumers that will improve their tech experience while at the same time providing a unique opportunity to showcase your own product or service
Full video services include scripting, location sourcing, recruitment of presenter, hosting, filming, production and editing
Ideal for product launches and brand awareness drives


The immersive video solution for time-strapped IT Executives

Campaign Objectives
Centred on four, easy-to-digest video episodes, the KnowledgeVault provides a highly immersive video and content suite exploration experience
Housed within a custom built multi-asset microsite hosted on IDG UK Enterprise sites, a KnowledgeVault provides an essential destination where users will dive deeply into associated programme content on multiple occasions
Aimed at showcasing brands and organisations, our full-service video options include a group or one-to-one Q&A session with appointed experts or client presentations. These are then delivered in four easily digestible video episodes that provide IT executives with essential need-to-know insight
All content is gated to deliver high-calibre and engaged leads
Ideal for thought-leadership, audience engagement and demand generation campaigns


For audiences on the move

Campaign Objectives
Quick to turnaround and the perfect format to capture audiences on the move, Podcasts are experiencing a major resurgence and can enhance any multi-platform content strategy
Our podcasting service includes scripting, presenter recruitment, hosting, production and editing
Ideal for thought-leadership and customer advocacy drives